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Hillerød Camping - Credits Nikolaj Danielsen - VisitNordsjælland-9
Campingvogn, autocamper og hytte
Hillerød Camping - Credits Nikolaj Danielsen - VisitNordsjælland-10
Hygge på pladsen - Hillerød Camping
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History of the site

From a fairground to 80 years of camping

Camping on the fairground

The campsite’s very central location in the city holds a piece of cultural history, a site that over the years has been used for animal shows, but also circuses, sports, trotting races and city festivals with visits from traveling carnivals. Our historic mainbuilding was built 80 years ago to house the exhibition hall and restaurant for the large annual fair in Hillerød, and in 1955 the site was used as a campsite for the first time.

We think that this is SUCH an exciting story, so we asked the author, Lennart Weber, to help us make it accessible to a wider audience – it is therefore now available on the newsstands as a small but richly illustrated book.

The story told in pictures

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