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Hillerød Camping - Credits Nikolaj Danielsen - VisitNordsjælland-9
Campingvogn, autocamper og hytte
Hillerød Camping - Credits Nikolaj Danielsen - VisitNordsjælland-10
Hygge på pladsen - Hillerød Camping
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Full overview of the campsite

Overview of Hillerød Camping

Areas on the site – see pitchplan at the bottom of the page!

Plantagen is a quiet area ideal for tents and caravans and for guests without small children.

Parken is ideal for families with small children in tents and others who need to be close to the kitchen and service building. Here is the playground and in the service building there is a baby changing room, family bathroom, laundromat etc. Parken is both sunny and shaded by the tall, beautiful trees. Here we have set up both outdoor showers and washbasin areas where you can wash your hands, brush your teeth, etc.

– On Prærien you’ll find large, lovely sites. Some are close to the service building, others near our smaller WC hut with three toilets, an outdoor urinal and two outdoor hand-washing stations, chemical toilet and sewage disposal. Our 6 beautiful mini-holiday homes are also located on the prairie.

Dyrskuepladsen is ideal for caravans and motorhomes. Here you have plenty of space, open spaces with a view of the beautiful lime trees and a view of the spires of Frederiksborg Castle.

– In Palmehaven we have room for both tents, caravans and get motorhomes. In the center of Palmehaven there is a car-free area, so if you are staying here, you must park in one of our parking spaces – this is to avoid having too much traffic on the site and to allow for larger spaces for each guest.

See pictures of the areas here!

Here is an overview of the areas and facilities on site – note that the numbers from 1-25 are cabins only.

We don’t have numbered pitches, but on arrival we will find the seat that suits you best!

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